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Sagar Garg
Vice President:
Irena Wong
Rishi Verma
Deep Mehta
Rube Goldberg Team President:
Matt Petrovich
Events Committee Chair:
Savannah Hutchins
Social/Service Committee Chair:
Debra Hughes
Membership Committee Chair:
Chelsea Sinkford
Research Roundtable Committee Chair:
Nicole Dorcy
Committee Chair:
Deepa Korani
PSPE Project's Co-Lead:
Lucas Allegrette
PSPE Project's Co-Lead:
Lawrence Michael Strenger
Faculty Advisors:
Vincent P. Drnevich, P.E.
Dr. Sean Brophy
Brandon Fulk, P.E.
ISPE Contacts:
Robin Ridgeway, P.E.
Matthew High, P.E.
David Kish, P.E., Ph.D.

General Contact Information:

Purdue Society of Professional Engineers
550 Stadium Mall Drive
Room 1250, Hampton Hall of Civil Engineering
West Lafayette, IN 47907


Office Hours:

Will start again in Fall 2018